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  • Creative 3D Printing

    Posted on March 12, 2013 by in Art


    Check out this awesome piece of 3D art created by Greg Petchkovsky using a 3D scanner, 3D printing and 3D digital modeling.

    Petchkovsky took numerous pictures of this chipped sandstone wall from various angles and then fed them into Agisoft PhotoScan in order to get his 3D model. He then used the dimensions to create Lego pieces that give the appearance that the wall is actually built from the brightly colored bricks.

    Shapeways printed his piece and then Petchkovsky simply had to slot it into place in the chipped wall!

    He created the project for the Instructables “make it REAL challenge” and is drawn to 3D art because “it is possible to create amazing and surprising effects, objects that can seamlessly blend between reality and imagination.”

    This fascinating time-lapse tutorial video shows the process that Petchkovsky used to get his Lego wall and is a handy insight for those of you who want to get arty with your own 3D projects.

    The most creative use of 3D printing you may have ever seen. Credit: Greg Petchkovsky . Music: Final Hour by Sole Symphony

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